Excerpt from Frankenräver’s Book about ’90’s Rave Scene


More than an hour’s passed since I dosed & I don’t feel a damn thing. I started thinking I wasted $20 of my hard earned money on what could’ve been aspirin when suddenly I feel a tingly sensation in my legs. Then as quickly as it came it went. I told Griff about it. “You’re gonna start rushing soon,” he reassures me. By now the place is rammed to capacity and it’s fucking HOT. Over to my right, a group of ravers are sitting on the floor, each giving the person in front of them a massage. A bunch of guys blowing whistles and horns snake their way through the crowd. One of them shouts, “CAN YOU FEEL THE LUVVV!!!.” People hi-5 them as they go past. One of them’s dressed up as the white rabbit. I wish I could kill a friggin jabberwocky just so I could have something to do, when this seriously weird character emerges from the crowd just in front of me. He’s decked out in crimson from head to foot. Even his skin’s painted red. A ruffle made of red feathers adorns his neck and he’s clad in pantaloons, red tights & pointy shoes. That’s fucking rich! He must be the Red King. As he comes closer, I notice he’s sporting red n yellow contacts with double irises and black pupils. The Red King never took his eyes off me, not even for a second. He finally stops a few inches in front of me and looks straight into my eyes. In a deep, rumbly voice he uttered, “Pu-kaw…Pu-kaw.” Then he backed off slowly, eyes ferociously locked into mine. The crowd closed over him like a wave and he disappeared from sight. What the hell does pu-kaw mean? What the fuck was that all about?

Suddenly, this queer sensation begins to creep up on me. Goosebumps erupted all over my skin like miniscule pebbles. I felt those tingles return but this time they invaded my body like a possessive lover. They kissed my face and neck, licked my breasts, raced up and down my arms like tiny insects. After conquering my torso, they spread down to my groin. I felt my clit come to life & was galvanized on the spot. My eyes began to twitch & roll up in my head. Fuucckkk….oh my Gawwdd I’M RUSSHHIINNG!!! It was the most fucking incredible sensation. I lifted my hands to the sky while Griff, Deb & Pete cheered me on. Griffin picked me up & gave me a hug. It felt so good that my body melted like ice-cream on a hot summer sidewalk. And when he swung me around, I felt like a blue star blazing in outer space. He put me down & I almost fell to the floor, for I’d gone limp with pleasure. For some odd reason, I keep thinking gum is stuck under my shoes so I’m constantly lifting my feet up. Tonya kept reassuring me that there wasn’t anything there. “You’re tripping!” she giggled. And the music…the music’s taken on 3-dimensional properties, the likes of which I’d never experienced before. Suddenly everything made sense now. It was as if someone had flicked a hi-voltage switch on in my brain. Techno was speaking to me, revealing all its cunning little secrets it kept carefully hidden from the uninitiated. As of this moment, I was officially inducted into The Hall of Rave. No turning back – ever. It was the most perfect music in the world. That driving bass pounded like a ruthless mercenary through my flesh and bone body, charging up my friggin atoms, smashing anti-rave illusions while effectively pulverizing my narrow musical expectations with sonic impunity. No other sound on Earth could ever be so right for Planet Ecstasy & her E’d out inhabitants.

Copyright © 2011 Frankie Diamond. All rights reserved. Excerpts of less than 200 words may be published to another site, including a link back to the original article. This article may not be reproduced in its entirety and posted to another site without the express permission of the author.


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  1. LOL at you bring so friendly to a spammer. 🙂

    Here’s a quick aloha from a real human being and a big fan. Your book is the BOMB. I started reading last night and couldn’t put it down until the wee hours. I almost woke up my poor wife over and over because of all my stifled snickers and smiley knowing nods. I’m gonna devour some more tonight and every night until I’m done.

    Today I’m stuck at work doing crazy overtime all by my lonesome and greatly enjoying reading your blog from back to front. You’re doing this city a great service by journaling all these important memories. Toronto thanks you.

    Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, from a fan.

    p.s., feel free to pop by my website where I’m ripping and sharing my Toronto mixtapes. – http://mixtapes.demodulated.com/

    • Thanks Brian! Yeah, that almost sounded too good to be true…LOL. Feel free to leave a review on Amazon if you’re able. Will definitely check out your site – i’ve got a whole stack of mixtapes waiting to be converted 🙂 Just posted some pix from the Promise party with more to follow – aargh! – a blogger’s work is never done. Keep on trucking bruv x

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