Frankenräver’s Up and Coming Book



Frankenräver doesn’t believe in Santa Claus but I sure do believe in The Joy of Ecstasy!  As a child, I never bothered to question the logistics of how a fat white man in a polyester suit could fly all the way to the Caribbean in a sled pulled by reindeer, in a land where chimneys don’t exist. And those reindeer are sure to set off a shitstorm of barking in the yard, subsequently waking everyone’s asses up. Screw that glass of milk – that bottle of punch a creme cooling off on the counter might go missing…

Anyways, I digress. Here’s a sneak preview of Frankenräver’s latest literary creation; a book about Toronto’s rave scene in the ’90’s, soon to be released on an e-reader near you! Get the exclusive scoop here b4 the damn thing goes viral. Time to break out that bubble chair that’s been dry-rotting in the attic and get a taste of something savoury while quantities last (See posting below).


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