Police Powerless to Shut down Rave in Central London


Although this incident occurred over a year ago, it remains highly relevant as an indication of where rave culture is headed. Squat parties have been part of London’s underground scene for quite some time now (more on this in a future article). Shaftesbury Avenue is a well known theatre district and the venue’s proximity to the End nightclub (which I patronized before its closure in January 2009), makes this overt act of social rebellion all the more poignant. This just goes to show you that raving is more than just another passing fad – it’s a counter-culture movement with political undertones as it is very much anti-authority, anti-capitalist in its guerilla style approach to occupying abandoned edifices. Take away people’s access to safe, legal spaces to throw raves and they will always find other alternatives. The fact that the police were powerless to shut the rave down due to the sheer numbers of people inside the building speaks volumes.


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