Shy FX, Goldie and Metalheadz Soundclash

Souvenir tee Soundclash flyersoundclash flyer1Tres amigosGoldie and Andy CFrankie & Shy Fx
Dj Storm Goldie & StormShy Fx on tha decksDon Letts & FrankieGoldie rinsing outPICT0126
Waiting in da wingsSkream & BengaMC GQ heats things up for tha Metalheadz crewRoundhouse crowdChannel 1Chillin in the VIP lounge
Bungalow 8Chic chess Chess furnitureDining room in St. Martin's hotelPICT0167Printing press

Culture Clash October 14, 2010, a set on Flickr.

In search of something far more stimulating than Ex-lax, I took off and went to England for a few years. During my time abroad, I’ve experienced the magnificent scope of London’s underground scene. I’m happy to say that drum and bass is alive and doing quite well, dubstep’s on its way out and techno is enjoying a revival (supercheesy style electro & minimal were huge between 2007 – 2010. It drove me nuts!). Anyway, here’s the scoop on my adventure at Culture Clash. Some of the biggest names in drum n bass – Goldie, Shy FX, Andy C – faced off against dub giants Channel One and Scream & Benga (refer to above photo album). It was a dream come true, meeting the men behind the music I used to rave to back in the day.

Photography: Copyright © 2010 Frankie Diamond. If you are using the slideshow option, click on the “Show info” button on the top right corner for more details. Enjoy!

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