Misstress Barbara Banging Live


Misstress Barbara

In the predominately male world of disc jockeys, it’s still a rarity to see women behind the decks though we’re gaining more prominence these days. Back in the 90’s, you were hard pressed to find female DJ’s in the rave scene but when you did, they kicked ass. Enter Misstress Barbara. This ol skool veteran was known for her banging hard house sets that rocked the shit out of any rave she happened to detonate. Originally from Sicily, Barbara moved to Montreal during her childhood. She discovered drum kit at the age of 12 and began her musical odyssey in 1995 when she became a hardcore turntablist.

Misstress Barbara’s passionate style of mixing has led to collaborations with luminaries such as Carl Cox and John Digweed. She’s gigged around the world from Europe to Asia, produced and released her own albums, including “I’m No Human” (2009) where she flexed her songwriting, arranging, vocal and instrumental chops. Now that’s what I call talent

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  1. I saw the Misstress at 3 or 4 parties back in the day and she made a lifelong impression on me. She has a mystifying stage presence and is technically capable and an honest-to-goodness real DJ at heart. She’s a woman whose sets are so much more than the sum of their parts – she can take two tracks and turn them into something complementary and enlightening.

    Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of her new vocal stuff but I’m voraciously collecting every mix album I can find. I particularly love her Relentless Beats series which you can score for cheap at emusic.com.

    She’s for sure one of my favourite DJs and is a huge inspiration for my mixing style when I spin techno. It is my aspiration to be so confident and intense, exuding energy and positivity with her motions while having the courage and foresight to overlap complementary songs for a ridiculously long time.

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