Psytrance Love-In @ Why Not Wednesdays


Why Not Wednesday provides living proof that Toronto’s psy-trance movement is alive and kicking. This bi-weekly microcosmic gathering takes place in an urban cave, true to its underground roots. What’s refreshing about Why Not Wednesday is the super friendly love vibes permeating the atmosphere. It’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to the 90’s rave spirit in a long time. I love how this place gives capitalism the royal finger, bringing music and joy to an alternative community.

To top it off, WNW is free, making this a recession friendly way to get your groove on. They have a licensed bar and serve tap water, unlike the ruthlessly self-serving commercial clubs. Hippies and psy-trancers danced the night away to the psychedelic sounds of DJ Kadmon and Johnny Machinelf, whilst tripping out on brilliant paintings by Canadian artist Neil Gibson. The afterparty continued at a gorgeous restaurant on College St. West, where the owners kindly allowed us party animals to carry on a little while longer. In these challenging times, Why Not Wednesday is a testament to the power of peace, love, community and transcendence of duality through music.

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  1. Just moved here from the west coast. Missing my organix nights, also after living in Mexico for a while I am in need of a pay trance boogie night. I know jungle is big out here and believe me I like all music, but I just can’t get enough of this awesome psytrance. Where is this psytrance Wednesday? 😀

    • Last I heard, Why Not Wednesdays ended more than a year ago; Neutral (the club) has been rebranded. Round in Kensington Market does something similar with their Architectures party every Thursday. Good luck!

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