Great exposition of Toronto’s rave history in a nutshell.

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A freinds of mine, Yamina (one of the foxiest babes ever), does work for a Toronto community outreach program called TRIP (Toronto Raver Info Project). She asked me for help writing a piece about the history of the Toronto Rave Scene (she also asked a bunch of other old people aswell). I don’t think anyone has ever written about it so I’ve decided to post it here, where anyone can find it, and I hope you will take the time to read it.

NOTE: This is by no means a complete work. It is an overview and is souly based on my own knowledge, having been active in the Toronto Rave Scene for over 15 years. Here we go…

In the 1990’s, through the support and efforts of several key figures, the Dance Music scene in Toronto rose from meager beginnings to become one of the biggest and most renowned…

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  1. All the respect in the whole wide world to TRIP. While schools teach nothing but abstinence, TRIP teaches the concept of harm reduction. Taken together, intelligent people can consider all the variables and make an informed decision. TRIP was especially valuable in the ’90s when not everyone had internet access to do their own research. They were always there with fliers and condoms and highly trained volunteers of the same age as most ravers. This made them more approachable and helped countless partygoers make smarter decisions about how to spend their time.

    Props on your fun article about Toronto rave history too. I’ve read the early days histories of the Sykosis and Exodus parties but it’s rare to find people talking about the second half of that history when most people became involved.

    Pamphlets and articles and communication – these are the real arteries of the rave scene. Like-minded people freely sharing ideas and philosophies, embracing possibilities and helping each other brace themselves for the inevitable rather than thoughtlessly beating the abstinence drum.

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