Deko-ze spins Donna Summer @ Guvernment


Guvernment’s Glow Party was disappointing to say the least. To be honest, I had lowered expectations for this event, judging from the horror stories I’d heard about The Guvernment’s slide into the abyss of commercial drudgery over the years. The days when proper raves actually occurred on their premises were looong gone. Now it’s all about $$ and newjacks sorely lacking in party etiquette…but I won’t waste a whole lot of space bewailing the loss of Toronto’s foremost underground juggernaut. Just as I was about to pronounce the entire thing a write off (what with cheesy techno and commercial dubstep), something rank and nasty ripped through the airwaves, reeking of da underground. Instantly, I was affected with a serious case of happy feet, as I  bounced around gleefully.

I looked towards the stage, wondering who was playing this hardcore shit…and saw the buffed out torso of the one and only Deko-ze, looking like the Amazing Circus Flea. But of course!!! Who else could it possibly be? As if to prove me right, Deko-ze dropped a searing remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and it was over. All the hassle and hideous behaviour I endured throughout the night was redeemed by this act of grace. Thank God we still have DJ’s like Deko-ze in Toronto. All is not lost!


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