DJ Blend Takes YouTube by Storm


If you don’t know who DJ Blend is by now, you definitely will after watching this video. So far, this clip has racked up over 56 million views on YouTube – a staggering success for a rising star. This uber-young upstart is changing the game in a huge way. Said to be originally from Texas and of Mexican descent (rumour has it he might be British), Blend is taking DJ’ing to another level. His jaw-dropping mixes combine ol skool acid house with dubstep, synth pop, hip-hop and electro to create hugely entertaining sets. Not to mention, his energetic dancing in a Chucky style dolly mask in a variety of settings. There are clips of him mixing in a bedroom and kitchen, obviously enjoying the hell out of himself. Simple concept, brilliant marketing strategy.

Love him or hate him, you have to give the man props for innovation. DJ Blend apparently took matters into his own hands after being shunned by clubs when he tried to get some exposure as a 15 year old. Since then, he started streaming his sets online, and the rest as they say is history.  In this interview excerpt taken from, Blend states, “I’d get one to four viewers per day. It was kind of sad, but I was happy for my four viewers. I started watching YouTube videos to improve my skills, but I noticed they would just focus on the turntables and hands, and the videos weren’t  that entertaining. So I found this mask – I wanted to be as crazy as I wanted without people knowing my identity.” It’s a strategy that’s working in his favour; think Daft Punk and Deadmau5. Notice how Blend was not discouraged by the small number of views he started off with; he was grateful for what he got. Therein lies the key to success – an attitude of gratitude. The fact that Blend is mixing vinyl in this video is commendable in this age where laptop DJ’s have become the norm. I can easily envision a stadium filled with tens of thousands of ravers throwing their hands up to Blend’s stimulating sets. Anytime this guy decides to swing by Toronto, I AM SO THERE >>>

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  1. You do understand he does not play vinyl?He uses Serato.Upon reading your “gushing” review about dj Blend,you have failed to realize another important fact about Blend..He’s a fake & phony taking the public for a ride.He plays pre-recorded/pre-mixed/pre-mashed up tracks.Ever watch his live videos?This way allows him to run around like a dork on stage.He’s doing a minimal amount of mixing,if any at all.While I can’t fault his ability to market himself,quite impressive really.He is not a genuine “DJ” in the minds of many EDM fans and DJ’s.This is why he’s hated.

    You have to ask yourself,if he were so great wouldn’t we see him playing EDC style sized gigs by now??He’s mostly gimmick and nothing else.Recently he was booked by Insomniac(California) to play in Texas.Upon seeing this by EDC fans..they blew up the event organizer via twitter getting Blend removed from the lineup.Based on the fact he is not a genuine DJ in the fans eyes and ears.

    In closing,I found this page via the Frankie Bones Youtube videos you posted,nice vids by the way,thank you…A REAL TRUE DJ.
    If I were you,I’m not,I would not align myself with anyone of such low integrity as someone like “Dj” Blend.It makes you look uninformed and naive.

    Thank you.

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