Pride’s On!


Summer is officially here and things are heating up in Toronto along with the temperature this weekend. Pride Toronto has taken over the streets of downtown Toronto, with the Dyke March in effect this afternoon. Rainbow flags and pink triangles in effect! It seems the average person thinks of Pride as an outlandish display of freaky transvestites and topless lesbians (my God! What about the children…). But really, it’s one of the biggest street parties in Toronto featuring electronic music by quality DJ’s. Over the years, Pride has delivered some of the best blockos I’ve ever attended – all free. Dirty Disco promises to tear shit up with sets by Pride veterans like Dr. Trance, Deko-ze, Jelo and Robb G. Brings back memories of Pride raves in the parking lots around Yonge and Wellesley; the vibe was seriously off da chain back then and I assume it hasn’t changed one iota after all these years. Damn…it’s freaking hot and sweat is pouring down my stomach as I make this entry. Time to get outta here and enjoy the party! Just thought I’d post some pics from Pride 2004 when the Eminent Party Animal aka Ed Mundo was in town. ED! WHERE ARE YA MANN?? WE MISS U!!!

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