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Paintbreaker Makes It Rain , a set on Flickr.

Art Battle and Creatures Collective recently teamed up to present Paintbreaker, an innovative mashup of breakdancing and painting set to music. Despite the rain, the turnout was impressive. Creatures Collective is a shared studio space and gallery that recently opened up on 822 Dundas Street West in September. Judging from the smashing success of the April White Soul Flight show in September, this is definitely a space to watch. Owner Darren Leu is one ambitious soul brotha with a knack for creativity and business acumen, recognizing the need for young artists to have the opportunity to come together and collaborate on experimental projects with a fresh new vibe. This approach provides an exciting alternative to the predictably yuppie bourgeois scene dominating much of the Queen Street West and Ossington strip. Sensational canapés aside, much of what I’ve seen from that crowd has been ho hum….boring. Dry. Uninspiring.

Flash forward to a drastically drippy, rain night on October 18th. I forsook a warm bed and blankie to check out the latest offering from the cats at the Collective. It was a real treat to see artists getting down and dirty to the sounds of DJ Velotiik on tha decks, spinning everything from James Brown to Joy Division. Finished pieces hung on the wall, some being earmarked for the silent auction which I barely noticed because it was so…silent.  Although I was nearly blindsided by an occasional glimpse of hairy asscrack, it was all in the name of art. Next came the paintbreakers, all suited up and ready to go. WHOOO HOO!!! SPLATTER!!! Countless miniglobs went flying willy nilly as the dancers threw paint on the floor canvas and proceeded to create a work of art using their bodies. As if it ain’t wet enough outside!

Callen Schaub took the art of splatter to another level with his nifty art contraption. Darren called it a Calmobile. Cal himself didn’t even know what to call the thingamajig. For the sake of argument, I shall call it a paintspinner.

Cal gleefully added successive layers of  paint onto the canvas, cranked the machine and let physics do the rest. He certainly made it rain too as patrons ducked for cover behind the plexiglass barrier. Actually, it was more of a manically inspired drizzle but the end result was fabulously random works of abstract streaks and whorls that spoke volumes to the mentally disturbed. Man, I could barely restrain myself from wanting to jump in and just roll all over the floor and get gloriously, messily colourful. Note to self: next time, wear some cheap ass clothes! Even my suede bag didn’t escape being splatterfied but hey, at least I can say now it’s really got character. Hell yeah! Big ups to Darren Leu and all the hardworking peeps at Creatures Collective for putting on such a fantastic show. I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

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