Dutty Songworm OF tha Day: Phuture Phunk



Aight, check this out. Today I experienced a totally irrational hankering of nostalgia for some ol skool drum and bass. So I dug out CD 1 from my double disc set, “Essential Drum and Bass 2” (Beechwood Music, 1998). If you like atmospheric drum and bass with vocals, then you’re gonna dig this. With classic gems by 4 Hero, Photek, Roni Size & Krust, how the hell can you go wrong? Anyways, by the time I got to track number 10, I realized the song I was dying to hear was not on CD 1. Disc 2: nowhere to be found. Horrors. I got on the net and, with a bit of sleuthing, discovered what I was looking for. Nevermind the fact that the file is low res; I was just happy to hear the thing. Too bad the embed’s got the hate on for WordPress 😦 

Nonetheless, the track is titled, “Phuture Phunk” by Science Orchestra. It starts off with a bombastic, killer bass intro with a punchy emphasis on the one, spruced up with cowbells and scraper. And that offbeat shaker at 00:45 – sheer brilliance. The Latin swing of this composition plays a huge part in its enduring appeal. Aesthetically pleasing in so many ways, the creative layering of horns, abstract vocal loops and simplistic beats put me in touch with my Latin American roots in the trippiest way imaginable. Major props to this underrated treasure of UK drum and bass. Worth a listen, especially if you can get your hands on the original. Crank that shit up, feel it bounce in your meat machine and you’ll know exactly what I mean 🙂

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