Playaz Tour feat. Jumpin Jack Frost, DJ Hype & Daddy Earl


I’m really stoked about this party. Not that I’m expecting it to be anything like the 90’s, but it’d be great to see these ol skool veterans mashing tings up. Last week I tuned into Jumpin Jack Frost’s V show on and got a delightfully proper rinseout from the grandmaster himself. He also gave yours truly a shoutout on Twitter after I tweeted how he was seriously cracking me up with his on-air antics. For those of you who aren’t acquainted with JJF, the guy is a natural born comedian.This gregarious geezer has been a fixture on the drum and bass scene virtually from its inception, being affiliated with the likes of Brian Gee, Roni Size and Dillinja from back in the day. I had the pleasure of hearing him spin at Koko Camden for Grooverider’s “Just Got Out of Jail” party, and was absolutely floored with his killer set, not to mention the ill acoustics of the venue itself. With lyrical from MC Daddy Earl, this ought to be a showstopper. Also featured on the bill is jump up jungle favourite, DJ Hype, with support from local veterans Marcus Visionary, Sniper, Everfresh and Lush. Early bird tickets $15, $25 advance, more at the door.

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