Jeff Mills Live with Montpellier Orchestra



This has got to be one of  the most innovative collaborations in music history. Techno wizard Jeff Mills performing live with Montpellier Orchestra in 2005 at the base of Pont du Gard bridge, France. The perfect marriage of classical and electronic music, this amazing collaboration demonstrates the versatility of techno and the sheer brilliance of Mills’ compositions.  From his humble beginnings as an aspiring DJ from Detroit to having his tunes conducted by Alain Altinoglu, Jeff has certainly come a long way in his career. It’s a real treat to hear classics such as “The Bells” and “Sonic Destroyer” performed live by an 80 piece orchestra to an enthusiastic crowd of ravers and music aficionados alike. I can’t say it enough – JEFF MILLS IS GENIUS! 



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  1. Too cool that this is available in full on Youtube. I’m gonna check this out at work next week fo sho!

    Jeff Mills is totally a hero of mine. Have a look for his Exhibitionist DVD if ever you get the chance. It’s video of a few DJ and production sets with multiple adjustable camera angles so you can watch his busy fingers at work.

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