So for many years- I have been a supporter of MAPS- the multidisciplinary association of psychedelic science.  ( ) And for many years- it seemed rather pointless- the government simply did not allow research with psychedelics unless your intent was to try and show them as harmful. And for many years I donated anonymously- forgoing my tax break, out of a not so paranoid fear that I would be branded as different, and potentially a criminal or subversive.

But for about a decade now we have seen these tudies moving forward. MAPS had their first big conference a little under two years ago- PSychedelic Science in the 21st century. Dozens and dozens of world class scientists, doctors, and resarchers presenting on their work.

One of the most impressive for me was research out of John Hopkins using Psilocybin to treat end of life anxiety in terminal patients. The stories from…

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About Frankenräver

Frankenräver is an ol skool Ecstatican from Toronto's glory daze of peace, love & Ecstasy. Her e-book on the 90's rave scene, titled "Tuned In, Mashed Out: Confessions of a Rave Junkie" is currently in the process of being published in paperback. Stay tuned!

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