Whatever happened to Tuned In, Mashed Out?


FRANKIE Ebook Cover front jpg

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that there are people wanting to buy a copy of my e-book, “Tuned In, Mashed Out: Confessions of a Rave Junkie.” I regret to inform you that it is no longer available on Amazon, though if you search diligently, I’m sure you’ll find a pirated copy floating around somewhere out there. Currently I’m in the process of getting it published on paperback, like it deserves to be. I’m pretty excited about that – you should be too! Next time around, “Tuned In, Mashed Out” will be a slicker, juicier beast, a formidable freak machine of ginormous proportions. Finally I’ll be able to afford two heated indoor swimming pools on a tropical island, a menagerie of exotic animals and a full-time handler to feed them. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” Lord knows I can hardly wait to touch, smell and cradle the bastard baby born from the womb of my fertile imagination and semi-checkered past. Just thought I’d give y’all a heads up where that’s concerned – aight!

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    • Seriously? Lol…I’ve tried to get it published in ppb but so far no takers. Guess the subject matter is a little too risque for some, but it will get published one way or the other. Thanks for your interest Greg.

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