Save Kensington Market Art Gala Tonight!



It’s Thursday and things are heating up at 185 Augusta in Kensington Market. A brilliant collective of talented artists come together under one roof to raise funds for SAVE ME, a noteworthy cause to protect the unique character of the Market and the creative genius that breathes life into its heritage ambience. With the threat of gentrification from the likes of Walmart and Loblaws looming large, the timing for this event is bang on. According to the mission statement from 185 Augusta’s website:


This exhibition will be a landmark event for Kensington Market. Our goal is to begin a fund that will eventually be used to acquire property in the Market dedicated to live-work spaces for artists. Our response to the threat of an increased “big box” presence along the periphery of Kensington is a long-term vision for affordable housing for creative individuals and groups within the Market. In this sense, we aim to not only preserve the culture of creative production and living that is a foundation of the Market’s character, but to protect the affordable housing options for artists and designers.


 I got a sneak peek during preparations and saw some seriously dope work, including a stunning portrait of Jimi Hendrix by Jimmy Chiale. This event is the biggest effort by 185 Augusta yet, with a lineup of over 20 artists including Moses Kofi, Javid, Lemur, Danilo, Malcolm Yarde, Model Citizen Toronto, Tru Ferguson and more. Music and life performances courtesy of Abstract Random, Allie, Mia-Skye and more. Admission is free with an onsite cash bar. Definitely not to be missed if you’re in the vicinity, as 185 is notorious for their jampacked, bashment style galas. Eat your heart out hipsters!


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