Tribe Magazine BBQ @ Toronto Islands July 27th


Remember Tribe mag from back in the day? Well Alex D, photographer and publisher is having a BBQ celebrating Tribe’s 20th anniversary this Saturday, July 27th at Hanlan’s Point.  The party is free but the ferry ride ain’t (hey, $7 is still cheaper than the cover charge for Comfort Zone, right?). Alex recommends you bring your own plates, beverages and treats to throw on the barbie. Dr. Trance, the grand daddy of T- dot rave amongst others will be spinning so yeah, this is ol skool. Bound to bring out eye-watering notes of  nostalgia in all diehards out there.  Maybe Dogwhistle might even care todrop by – who knows?  For more info, check out the link:

I had the pleasure of running into Alex D down at Harbourfront two weeks ago, after a panel discussion of Toronto’s rave scene moderated by local veteran DJ, Denise Benson. It was fascinating to hear some of the key players (promoters et al ) dish on their experiences not only as ravers but as entrepreneurs overcoming variegated twists and turns. I taped segments of the discussion and hopefully, will get around to transcribing portions of it for your edification sometime soon. If anyone reading this was a part of Toronto’s scene in the 90’s, then you’ll remember how important Tribe magazine was to the community.  It was the go-to for all the latest  news, gossip, music reviews, mix tapes, raver rants and harm reduction awareness initiatives, not to mention those wicked foldout posters. Heck, I think I might even have some copies kicking around in storage somewhere 🙂  Going with the shifting of the tides, Tribe magazine is now online, at

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