Strange Sightings Issue # 749


 For most peeps, winter’s a drag.  Dirty slush, piss stained snow, drab skies, sunny skies and FREEZING COLD.  Hot shots go in the boots and down the gullet. Miami Beach beckons.  But just when you thought there ain’t nothing going on this time of year, think again! Strange sightings never go out of style,  as evidenced by these oh so chilling examples of mundane reality.


 Don’t you love it when grocery clerks can’t spell? Makes you feel superior now, donnit. I  demand an extra 5 % for  the insult to my anglophile sensibilities.



 This character looks like a leftover from a wild weekend soiree but yo I’m meltdown1seriously feeling that outfit! Black and yellow accents provide a bold yet wonderful contrast against that snow white complexion. And that gilded Venetian mask adds just the right touch of intrigue. Who’s the man behind the mask you say? That’s what I wanted to know but I wasn’t about to climb over the fence to find out. The flip flops must really suck at keeping his feet warm though. No wonder he looks so sad. Someone buy this guy a drink.




George Orwell was right on the money with 1984, as evidenced by this cctveverywhereperformance artist on Brick Lane. People talk about the right to privacy, but then Facebook came along and put an end to such high brow illusions. And when you factor the average person in the U.K. being recorded roughly 300 times a day in public, the picture becomes rather chilling indeed. Maybe we should follow this guy’s example and BECOME the change we want to see in the world. Smile love, you’re on CCTV!



 No seriously, that’s the name of this construction company. It brings to mind ideas of…I’ll leave it to your imagination. I wonder if these guys have ever been the butt of practical jokes. “Hello, yes I’d just like to let you know that the glass sheeting on my balcony shattered again.” Which reminds me: condos aren’t a wise investment. Just ask the hapless dwellers trapped by a power outage on the 11th floor during last year’s ice storm. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they need to watch Cloverfield. And if I ever wanted to get conned out of my hard earned moola, why, I’d invest a whole stack in one of those shoeboxes. Brought to you by Buttconn.






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