New! My Kensington Market Tumblelog


As if I didn’t have enough to do already, I’ve just launched a new blog about Kensington Market. Dealing mostly with lifestyle and fashion, this project came about as a result of the gentrification taking place within the area. Recent activity in The Market seems to indicate that this trend is intensifying.

If people sit back and do nothing, then The Market could very well end up looking like Yorkville (perish the thought!)

I hope to raise awareness about how Kensington Market holds a unique place in the fashion world and community at large. In that light, its real estate / business development needs to have limitations as it is a  place of cultural relevance. It doesn’t need more bars or restaurants or even condos; just more opportunities for artists, families, and small business owners to live, work and thrive.

I’m not opposed to change, but I’d like to see Kensington Market evolve in the spirit of free enterprise as opposed to big box mentality. So rather than take shit lying down I decided to do something about it!  Check out my new babe at


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