The Age of Reason: Frankenräver 7


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7 impossible years later, Frankenräver’s still blogging. Sometimes I ask myself why when it’s so easy to quit. After all, there’s sooo much crayzee shit going on out there  maybe people don’t care to even read a 350 word article anymore. Heavens to Murgatroyd! The attention span of an average human is apparently less than that of a goldfish. Just stop and think what that means for a hot second. I smell a humongous cookout looming on the horizon and it ain’t your homefront fishfry.  But anyway, if I captured your attention long enough to read this, dag I’m happy! Coz even though I don’t blog as much as I like to, writing is and always will be my passion. And as long as there are pens, pencils, paper (well, in this case, a laptop and Internet connection) and worthwhile subjects,  I will continue writing. For the dispossessed, unsung, underappreciated aspects of human artistry and about exceptional, well-received and newly discovered artists. Coz that’s life after all.

To kick off my 7th Blogaversary, I chose Prince’s “7.” One of his best songs epitomizing the triumph of good over evil and quite possibly, his battle with Warner Bros. at that time when he was known as Symbol Boy and AFKAP to the unenlightened. I saw him perform this song live in concert at Maple Leaf Gardens after winning tickets and a copy of this album (cassette actually) from a radio contest. A cassette, wow…well that was the 90’s! ! Thanks Prince for the memories and the music. Enjoy your jubilant jam sessions with the angels.

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