Prince is Still With Us…kinda sorta


Today marks 3 years since Prince passed beyond the exosphere. I’m only now getting used to the fact that he’s gone but damn, I still miss him! Besides charitable works, Prince’s greatest legacy is his prodigious musical output. The best part of all is I’m still discovering loads of music and of course, I will spend the rest of my life unearthing his delightful gems until I, too, fly beyond the exosphere.

Personally I think that Prince died young, with still so much to give. His death, like much of his life, remains shrouded in mystery and methinks I smell a rat. But his massive stockpile of music, even if the majority of songs remain unreleased, gives fans many moments to savour in the coming years.

Just a few days ago, I discovered “She’s Always In My Hair” a delightful number from the b-side of the “Raspberry Beret” single. Never once did I hear this amazing track on radio, which illustrates the abundance of underrated tunes just waiting to be discovered. I suspect the mystery woman entwined in Prince’s hair might have been Susannah Melvoin, since, to paraphrase, she’s always in his boat even if he hits the wrong notes! Plus, they were engaged at one point, and he does toy with the idea of marriage in the lyrics. It’s one of Prince’s most playful songs as it lets your imagination ride on a canopy of spiky synths and signature arrangements that highlight his eclectic tastes.

This man touched millions of lives and influenced so many artists with his genius. So please take a moment to remember and appreciate Prince, one of the greatest musicians of our twilight civilization.

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