COVID-19: A New Way of Be-ing


Today, I am taking time out from hiatus to express my thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world. COVID-19 and its consequential social distancing has changed commerce, communications, entertainment and the way we party. In 2020 A.D., a well-dressed virus has done the cha-cha all over our beloved rituals and humdrum routines, leaving chaos and anxiety in its wake. We are not allowed to even dance with one another in social settings, much less get in someone’​s face to ask for directions. The new normal has arrived and it is virtual, for the most part. Which begs the question; what kind of world do you wish to create? I’d like my future children to have the freedom to dance with others in large groups, if they so desire. It seems that future has been jeopardized by the choices that we, humanity, are making as a collective. Moving too fast with hi-tech lifestyles and spending way less time just sitting with ourselves alone, engaging in honest dialogue with others that is not broken up by sporadic texts sent over a data net like a perverse game of ping-pong.

Turns out, there’s nothing quite like external agency to shake things up and rearrange priorities, especially when people aren’t paying attention to what’s truly important. Clean air and authentic human connections matter more than money. I think this crisis is an opportunity for growth, renewal and letting stuff go whether they be toxic people, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake attitudes. For those of us who aren’t in danger, we are fortunate to have this luxury of self-isolation to examine who we are and where we want to go while the system resets itself. When it rebounds, if you have done the work on yourself, you may move forward at warp speed, experiencing life in a totally new and incredible way.

My thoughts go out to all those who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, whether through illness, loss of loved ones, unemployment and emotional distress. You are not alone. Everyone across the planet is being affected by this crisis in some shape or form. I encourage you to reach out for support; help is available and technology has facilitated its dissemination via social media and online communities.

Social distancing is a challenging situation, where days plod by in a seemingly interminable march towards weeks which eventually turn into months. Believe me – we can do this! When it’s over, we should take care to remember and embody all the insights we have gleaned during this period otherwise the next shakedown might unveil a harsher truth; we may never dance again.

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