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Lone Lady’s One Woman Show



Amidst the noisy clamour of mainstream music are calm ripples of beauty, so quiet that they may slip by unnoticed. But not entirely with those that have ears to hear. Lone Lady (Julie Campbell) from Manchester U.K. is one such artist who commands your attention. “Groove It Out” (off Hinterland, 2015) grabbed my ears during a mundane shopping excursion at a department store. Thanks to Shazam, I was able to identify the track and absorb its lush glory during repeated listening sessions. Reminiscent of mid-80’s acid house with artfully layered synths, a la “Voodoo Ray” and “Theme from S-Express, ” Groove It Out transports you to another era while remaining firmly grounded in this one.

The video was shot in what appears to be a decrepit warehouse (most likely in Manchester) that pays homage to Julie’s roots and the post-industrial environment that helped inspire her music.

Lone Lady is truly a one-woman show. She sings, writes and produces her own music in addition to playing several instruments including cello, keypads, samplers, bass and guitar. I’m all for sisters doing it for themselves (which is never easy in a male-dominated industry). Lone Lady does it in her unique, inimitable way so I encourage you to support her music, explore her albums and spread the word!

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