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Happy 4th Frankenräver!


Well it’s that time of year again. I am honestly surprised that I am still writing for this blog, especially since I haven’t partied much as of late. Where Frankenräver’s gonna be within a year is anybody’s guess but I’m hoping it will remain interesting. And relevant. And fun!

With the laughable (to ravers) but much lauded (to big pharma) discovery that ketamine has medical benefit for treating depression, it seems that we’ve taken one small step closer to ending prohibition on certain psychoactives. Though it might be a cold day in hell before anyone can legally buy magic mushrooms in a North American head shop, attitudes seem to be shifting. Slowly.

Now that we have a part-time pot smoker for PM, it will be interesting to see what new legislation will be enacted to give Canadians a bigger piece of the pie. Especially seeing how the cousins down south have gotten their fingers all up in the green, turning marijuana regulation into a legal billion dollar industry while Canada quibbles over licensing the miracle herb for medicinal use. Hmmm…we all know what happened to basketball, the great Canadian invention. The Americans took it over and now we have the NBA! And no, Raptors will not make it to the finals. Again. I rest my case.

Thanks to readers worldwide for checking out my blog. France, Serbia, America, Emirates, Benin – and 90 something other countries –  I am happy to know that stuff I wrote 2 years ago still gets some appreciation! With any luck, there will be more to come. Stay tuned!


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Frankenräver Takes Off


exit left

After being in the blogosphere for just over a year, Frankenräver will be going on hiatus, which is a fancy way of saying I’m done blogging for a while. I haven’t been doing much raving to be honest, so I’m not exactly living up to that vainglorious title. Admittedly, it’s difficult to do that in Toronto, whose party scene has pretty much gone to the dogs. Relocation is in order! Besides, anyone who’s been a part of that world knows that it’s next to impossible to get anything constructive done long-term. Currently I’m working on a number of creative projects which require my full attention to bring them to fruition. 

That being said, I’ve had a blast blogging about underground culture, and hope to resume at some point in the not too distant future.  From time to time, I will post anything I find of interest, and update you on how my other projects are coming along. I hope that you’ve found the articles interesting, informative and entertaining.  It is my sincerest hope that more folks across the globe will continue to enjoy them. Frankenräver generated traffic from 109 countries last year, and I’m happy to know how global this scene has become.  Thanks to all my fellow bloggers, readers and followers for your support. Special shout-outs to Brian, drugsandotherthings.wordpress.com,  Rosie and thecommunic8r.com for your positive vibes and awesome contributions to keeping dance culture alive.

There comes a time in every raver’s life when you have to prioritize your goals and let go of that lifestyle, so something fuller and richer can blossom in its place.  In my heart, I’ve never stopped raving, and as long as I have life in my body, I will always be engaged with The Movement one way or another. A seed was planted many years ago, and now I’m happy to say that rambunctious tree is bearing fruit!

The 90’s was a very special time for those of us who were there. I’m not discounting the validity of the post 90’s rave experience; however, the energy at that time was completely different. It was truly out of this world. If it’s one thing I wish they’d bring back, it would be those massive sound systems! To this day, many of us carry that Light, that youthful Vibration  forward into every aspect of our lives.  I see it everytime I run into fellow tribe members still resisting the status quo in their own way.  Indeed, there is more to Raving than meets the eye. The Movement has had its ups and downs, but thankfully it’s still here, still evolving. I can’t wait to see what will come exploding out of the Underground next. I hope it will be every bit as dynamic as raving was at its peak – even more so. The world needs more Light, now more than ever.




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Frankenräver One Year Later


Frankenräver circa 1999

It’s been one year since I started this blog on 11/11/11. So if any of you’s got a thing for numerology well…you know I’m onto something 🙂 17, 050 hits later, Frankenräver’s still going strong. True, I could have more than twice the number of hits if I was a jet setting, social media whore, but I do have moral objections to having some corporate entity owning whatever content I happen to post on my page. Ironically, this hasn’t stopped my blog getting traffic from Facebook , which says a lot right there.

When I first started this blog, I had doubts as to whether anyone gave a rip about rave culture anymore. I’m happy to say that some of us still do. Although the scene has changed drastically from what it once was, it’s still reassuring to see the Movement is alive in some shape or form  around the world. Contrary to popular belief, raving is not just about dance music and drugs – it is a form of resistance to the status quo. Although it hasn’t always been easy to find stuff to write about, it’s been a pleasure to witness how the blog has evolved over the course of one year. I promised myself I would quit once I get to the 121st article, but who knows what might happen from there? In the meantime, I intend to enjoy myself, dammit!

Thanks to all my readers, followers and fellow bloggers around the globe for your support and your vastly amusing search engine terms. It’s really refreshing to know that you’ve stumbled across my blog with entries like “sara dopstar porn.” Watching Sara in action (spinning techno as opposed to bumping uglies) I’m sure must have been an enlightening experience for that particular seeker. I sincerely hope that Frankenräver continues to be a source of viable information and entertainment for all you Ecstaticans.