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Another year, another blast of boiling hot weather at Pride Toronto. Judging from the gloriously summerific reprieve in March, I say the Sun God needs to get pissed off at his royal court more often. But the drag queens, naked queers and fruit loops weren’t the only ones heating things up. The super soakers were out in full force, squirting up a storm on Yonge St., cooling things down on the homefront. After my digicam took a direct hit from a recklessly aimed watergun, I decided it was time to head for higher ground. It was then I found myself at a rooftop party overlooking Yonge St., courtesy of ravemate Greg. We watched colourful floats go by while dancing to the sounds of G Money and J Prez. Afterwards, we migrated to Boystown for a piece of the action. Tom Stephan proved to be a crowdpleaser, which came as a relief after Dee-Lite’s Lady Kier’s lackluster performance earlier on while Honey Dijon took things to another level with a smoking set of funked up house.

The afterparty continued at Phoenixwith the likes of Stacey Pullen, Joey Conns, Carlo Lio and Deko-ze. Pullen’s set was more subdued than what I remembered from Fabric,London, but otherwise quite good while Carlo really got the crowd going. Despite having quality DJ’s on the bill,Phoenix never got packed and the party ended disappointingly early around 4. All things considered, I had a swell time and so did most peeps, judging from the overall lack of spew on the sidewalk. Kudos to Pride for bringing people of all different persuasions together to celebrate life, love and music for over 35 years. ‘Til next year – shine on beautiful people! 

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