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Frankenrӓver Turns 6!


Source: birthdaywishes.net

My Dear Ecstaticans,

After 6 years, I can’t believe y’all still be reading my blog! In this age of mass distraction, it is no small feat to still have an audience. To be honest, I have thought about annexing the blog. It is now more than 20 years since the rave era began in Toronto. And that’s a sobering reality. I am an adult with real-world responsibilities, yet I still remain a raver at heart!

Evidently my blog needs to evolve in a different direction. Less focus on parties and more attention on quality music that gets lost in the mad shuffle of commercialization. There are so many under-appreciated artists and classic songs that more people should be aware of. To that end, stay tuned for more savoury treats from the bubbling cauldron that is my brain 😉

Speaking of savoury, enjoy this Boiler Room set by Chicago house legend, Roy Davis Jr. Peace out x

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Frankenräver’s Top 10 House Playlist


On a frigid Saturday afternoon, I thought it would be great to share my personal playlist with you all. A treasure trove of 90’s gems that rocked da floor (& the airwaves) back in the day. Including classic French house by the likes of Bob Sinclar & Daft Punk balanced out with the soulful grooves of Roy Davis Jr., Lil Louis Vega and more. Judging from the comments on Youtube, nuff people are pining for tracks of this calibre to come ’round again. Truth be told, the 90’s was an era that can never be duplicated; much like the 60’s, but we could at least listen & learn. Well, I’m about to go sniff some vinyl…copy paste enjoy!