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X.O. Tempo Published in Augur Mag


Good news! My sci-fi piece, X.O. Tempo has been published in Augur Magazine’s winter 2020 edition at http://www.augurmag.com

In a dystopian near-future, an Afro-Indigenous DJ finds a mysterious graphic novel and embarks on an interdimensional journey of self-discovery.

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity. It is extremely difficult for writers to get their work published, so when it happens, it means you’ve done something right!

This experience highlights the importance of hiatus (periodic breaks from routine practice) for artistic renewal. I knew it was time for my writing to evolve and took a break from blogging to work towards that. X.O. Tempo was written just before the lockdown and refined during that period.

The theme of Issue 3.2 is “A Multiplicity of Futures.” This anthology explores possible outcomes for humanity with a strong emphasis on BIPOC narratives. X.O. Tempo is the beginning of an exciting project born from my love affair with dance culture and sci-fi. Expect to see interesting developments around this later on. So what are you waiting on? Get your piece of the action in Issue 3.2 at http://www.augurmag.com in what may very well become a collector’s item 😉

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