Monthly Archives: November 2020

9 Years of Frankenräver


9 is the number of gestation.  I am birthing a beautiful brainchild onto the literary stage. Call me exhibitionist; one must not be shy when it comes to one’s talent! Taking time to steer my writing in a different direction has borne delicious fruit. I planted the seeds and toiled for hours, through covid lockdown and turbulent times. You think writing is glamorous? Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t. It can be isolating and often, those close to you don’t see the value of it. Worst is when the demons of self-doubt attack when you have to slay some literary darlings in the fiery hell of editing.

After 9 years, I have realized that this blog won’t last forever. And that’s okay. I have given back to the dance music community from my heart. I never monetized the blog; then again, it was never about money. Yet I do recognize my intrinsic self-worth. It is why I have chosen a new path in not just writing but my creative career. Thanks to all of you for being part of my loopy journey! Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come.



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