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8 ball

8 is symbolic of infinity. A closed double loop signifying completion.

8 years for Frankenräver to evolve and embrace what is to come.

After much thought, I have decided to go on hiatus. Other projects require my full attention and focus so that they can grow into ravishingly successful monsters!

I have tons of articles I’d love to throw up. Unfortunately, the luxury of time is not  abundant like before. Besides, I have given all of you so much to digest over 8 years and further into the future. I figure now it’s time to reap tangible benefits from the talents that I have honed through the hard work and sacrifice that it took to maintain Frankenräver.

This blog has brought many blessings into my life. I am so grateful that I could share my gifts with the globe (over 160 countries to date).

Thanks to all of my fellow Ecstaticans for being part of this wonderful journey! I have gained so much insight about my relationship to dance culture. It is my sincere hope that your lives have been enriched through entertainment, whether through music or my engaging articles.

Do check this page every once in a while as I will post updates on my upcoming projects.

Too late I sank the 8 but wait – the game ain’t over! 😉

Stay Tuned,


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